Sunday, July 28, 2013

How To: Fresh Look


Get this look!

Mix foundation with moisturizer and blend well.
Conceal areas that need concealing. 
Put powder in the center of your face moving outwards.
Make sure to choose the right color. Blend the products well. The face should be perfect, creating the perfect canvass is the key.

Choose the right color.
Place color in areas that need filling. 
If you have coarse hairs, you might not need to put a lot of product. But if you have sparse hairs, make sure that it looks natural by stamping in the color bit by bit using a small, angled brush. 
If you're contented with how it looks, finish it off by putting an eyebrow gel (tinted or clear depending on the look you want to achieve and on the kind of brows) to keep the hairs in place. Apply gel upward and outwards to achieve that natural look.

This look I made is for a wedding, so I want to give it a fresh look. Not too heavy on the eyes.
Line near the roots of the lashes for a natural look (I used gel liner). Build it up using eye shadow.
Apply a lighter color on the lid and a slightly darker color on the crease. Blend well.
Remember not to apply too much color on the eyes. Little makeup goes a long way.
Curl lashes with your favorite curler. Apply mascara on the roots working towards the ends in a squiggly manner. Apply a peach/white colored liner on your waterline. Finish off the look by applying mascara on the lower lashes.
Put concealer underneath the eyes using your fingers. Finish it off by dabbing a yellow-toned matte powder to lock it in place.

Contour by following the natural shape of your cheekbones (use matte colors). Apply it in all the high points of your face - places where the sun would naturally hit and on the hollows of your face. Blend well.
Put blush on the apples of your cheeks (always on the highest points of the cheeks) working outwards and meeting your contour for a more natural look. 
Highlighter is optional. To achieve a healthy glow, apply the smallest amount on top of your blush and blend it well.

Apply lip balm before you work with your face to give it time to moisturize and sink on your lips.
Choose a color that matches your whole look.
I like to apply it with my fingers, sometimes with a square brush. Here I used a pink toned color underneath a coral color. Blend well.

Makeup Forever foundation
Clean and Clear moisturizer
MAC highlighter and concealer
Urban Decay Naked 2
The Balm Neutral Palette
Nichido eyebrow pencils
Mary Kay eyebrow gel
MAC eyebrow set
The Faceshop eye crayon
Rimmel mascara
Shu Uemura eyelash curler
Estee Lauder blush
Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake foundation
Etude House lipstick
MAC lipstick
EOS lip balm
Covergirl powder
Maybelline gel liner and mascara

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