Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Downtown Girl

Hi Ladies!

Basically this page will be all about skin care, make-up and recreating editorial looks by using products that's available and affordable to all Hiligaynons here in Bacolod. Who says only models can wear that red lip? Or that only blondes can rock that cat-eye look? You just have to know the basics and the resources. This is why I'm here - to help you all achieve that! ;)

I'm not saying that make-up should be a necessity but there's also nothing wrong with spicing up your beauties every now and then.

Now, for all the make-up junkies out there... you already know that in order to achieve all these looks that we see on magazines, youtube gurus and make-up artists, you really have to invest in good quality products - and they tend to be really expensive. However, there are also affordable products for those who are really on a tight budget that can deliver the same outcome as those of the high street ones.

I will also feature some of the places and pages here and out of Bacolod that can give you all these make-up goodies and other girly stuff at a reasonable price. You'll be surprised to know how accessible and achievable they are! ;)

This Dowtown Girl

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