Sunday, September 15, 2013

Downtown Haul: False Eyelashes

Okay. So while I'm waiting for the upload of my cousin dancing to 'Gimme Gimme', I think I should just probably share to you this mini haul of mine today.

Today after work, I decided to visit Shoe Earth near Deco's at the Downtown Area to look for some falsies. It's close to where I ride the jeepneys anyway so it's not really such a drag. FYI, Shoe Earth is actually a really cool and favorite place of mine since High School. You'll find a lot of cool stuff there! Shoes on the ground floor and all kinds of things on the 2nd floor - from pencils to phone cases, from necklaces to eye wear, from scrunchies to false eyelashes

This is a great place for someone who is saving money (and/or maybe broke), a student and a practical shopper. Don't get me wrong, I want to get my hands on brands the likes of Ardell, Benefit, MAC and Shu Uemura falsies... but I'd like be practical right now. If there's a cheaper alternative, I'd try that first.

A huge pile of eyelash goodness was waiting for me! I was so happy I went there after a looooong time. Stacks of falsies organized according to length and color! Oh gosh, so much make up looks were flooding on my mind while I was looking at the pile. There were colored glittery ones - perfect for the upcoming Masskara Festival. Ones with gems, full-on ones perfect for a goth look on Halloween. Name any occasion - weddings, debuts, fashion shows, ones to wear for a date, Christmas, anything! - they would have it there. I took my time soaking in all the good stuff. Of course you have to be very careful in choosing the ones that have no defects.

Php10.95 each

The ones I chose were simpler.
The first at the top is a medium-length kind with semi-thickness which is perfect for a natural and effortless look. Notice that the hairs were placed on a crisscross manner, imitating the look that our eyelashes naturally have.

The second one has a shorter length. Remember that in putting false eyelashes, you also have to consider the size of the eye and the length of the lashes. This is great for someone who has short-length lashes but want to give it a thicker look.

First one: Php24.75
Second one: Php 32.95

The first set is for the bottom lashes, which is great when you're going for that wide-eyed look. Putting falsies at the bottom opens up your eyes. You would know that it's for the bottom lashes because the hairs are curving downwards and the length of the hairs are much shorter. This one I liked in particular because the hairs are getting thicker as it goes toward the outer corner - very genius, very chic! 

The last one has a dramatic flair into it. Perfect for a full-on eye. Like maybe a look I'm planning to do on a Halloween - gothic. ;)

I bought all of this (together with a hair clamp) for a total of Php82.75 only! It's crazy, right? Think of how much money you could save by choosing to shop there. The quality is not bad for the price as well ( great - if not better - than those of the ones we can find at malls). So go get some before they run out! ;)

P.S.: As much as possible, I suggest you to invest on a good quality adhesive though. Duo glue is a great brand. You can pre-order from the Carefree Shopper for only Php550.00. 

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